Through the years, we have become fascinated with how quickly pure essential oils are able to help with emotions; thus, Essential Oils Guru was borne. Essential Oils Guru is a place where pure essential oils information is made fun and easy, delivered in snippets of knowledge that took years to gather.

 As you browse Essential Oils Guru, we welcome you to follow our “Did You Know” series of fun and exciting information bulletins for thought provoking insight, along with our many videos purposed to give specific information about different oils and products, their uses, and current specials. Learning and purchasing are easy, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments at any time. We have no boundaries as to answering sensitive questions and keep everything confidential to help you become the whole you.

Our mission is to spread the word about the power of pure Essential Oils and to educate others in their use. It is our greatest desire to increase the popularity of Essential Oils through giveaways and information sharing so that they are found in every home, enhancing Emotional and Physical Health, Beauty and Fulfillment from Prenatal to Elderly and all ages in between for everyone.
 We also hope to educate entrepreneurs who are interested in a supplemental income that can, through our coaching, become their primary or sole income and help them realize their full and unlimited potential. Our partners are taught to duplicate everything we do, and to duplicate themselves in the same way.  

Learn how to start living your life healthier than ever with pure essential oils from Essential Oils Guru. Worldwide, we offer natural health products as wellness advocates of pure essential oils for healthy living.

When we found these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade pure essential oils, we could tell that they were pure and different. Having been essential oils users for more than 15 years, we could immediately tell that these oils are pure and potent. We help people and change lives through better health and by teaching how to be successful in your own essential oils network marketing Homebased business. We help people overcome their problems and overwhelming feelings using the pure, high quality essential oils from doTERRA . 

It is also good to know that doTERRA pure essential oils are harvested around the world in the country indigenous to the plant, helping villages prosper from the sale of their crops. Indigenous plants have the highest concentrations of desired constituents due to millions of years combating that environment. We don't want oils from plants that grow fast, but rather plants that grow strong.